Ten By Two

The creation of Ten by Two marked the 10th anniversary of collaboration for Hannah Dipper and Robin Farquhar – ten years, two designers.

In 2014, to celebrate 10 years in business, we joined forces with A J Wells to create a limited edition range of centrepiece bowls.

Eschewing our usual medium of bone china, these vibrant vitreous enamel bowls showcase our love of pure form, flat colour, and the patterns of the built environment.

Generously proportioned at 500mm in diameter, these pools of colour are available both in a range of hues, and decorated with themes that have inspired us over the last decade: some pieces feature pattern developed from the work of “high-tech” architects, others are simply celebrations of much-loved artists.

All exhibit the exuberant use of colour that will be familiar to fans of People Will Always Need Plates’ production homewares.

After Architects
Much of our work at People Will Always Need Plates references the architecture around us – this set of designs focuses on the work of key architects whose work inspires us.

After Artists
This set of designs celebrates the work of artists whose love of colour and geometry is reflected in our own work.

Take Five
We love a bit of colour, and this set of designs allowed us to play with a range of hues that work particularly well in vitreous enamel.