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We also provide design consultancy services to brands creating their own homewares ranges you might not know our names all that well but you’ll have seen our work everywhere from design emporia to supermarkets.

We have many years’ experience in designing high-quality homewares appropriate for batch and mass production in the UK, Europe and the Far East. We’re not prima donnas, or “felt-tip fairies”, so there’s plenty of skill and no ego to get in the way of creating the best possible product for our clients.

We’re client and factory friendly – we can talk branding and strategy, and we can talk widgets and grommets. You can call on us for creative input, for manufacturing knowledge and understanding, for branding and production, or to assist in the whole process.

We develop both three-dimensional shape design and tooling for manufacture, and 2D pattern design and illustration. The use of colour in our work is very important and something that we consider throughout the design process rather than as an end-stage surface treatment.

We can also help you with your packaging, PoS and trade exhibitions as well as graphic design for print and web.

By far the best way to understand all that we can offer is to us a line, or give us a call – we’re always happy to discuss potential projects to see where we might be able to help.